Floors and Wall Panels


Aluminium chequer plate

Appropriate for heavy and frequent loadings. Made in aluminium plate, obtained from one single sheet without junctions. The floor made with this material gives the best guarantees of long-term lasting keeping the original characteristics of the product.


Multilayer Plywood

Appropriate for working vans. Made in 12mm plywood multilayer. It is a waterproof material due to a phenolic resin treatment. It has an non-slip surface and offers a great mechanical and long-lasting resistance guarantee. All entries of the vehicle are protected with an aluminum rough edge covering, which is assembled in a way that its superior part is at the same level of the plywood floor.

Wall Panels

Aluminium plate

Appropriate for work vans. Made in plane aluminum plate. It has a reduced weight, offers a good protection to the vehicle’s walls and at the same time gives it an image of efficiency and order. The fastening to the vehicle is made with rivets.


Polypropylene honeycomb side panels 4 mm thick with scratch-resistant surface. Lightweight and durable.

Accessory Protection

Wheel arch cover

Made in aluminium chequer plate it protects the wheel arch.

Dividing wall

Made in aluminium chequer plate, its shaped according to the structure of the diving wall. It is fixed to the wall with the help of screws or rivets. It offers an extra protection to the driver’s cabin and the possibility to add to itself lashing hooks to transport material.



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